A brief guide through ancient history of sex toys

Posted By on Oct 5, 2015 |

Sex toys are nowadays pretty common, and many people use them in “doing their business” (or making love, however you want to call “it”) but rarely anybody ever thinks about the historical facts or the creators of those devices. Not that anybody can judge those people for being inconsiderate, they have more important thins on their mind I’m sure! Adult toys today come in variety of shapes and sizes, and even if most of them are recent inventions there are those who have followed human race through every period of history and deserve to be called classics.

tumblr_lsrho13KId1qzix81o1_500Certainly the most popular of the classics is the – dildo. A sex toy that survived the test of time and is being used heavily all over the world first appeared in ancient Greece, or at least that is where the first concrete written evidence comes from. (Certain artifacts were found which come from Paleolithic era but scientists are still deciding whether to place them in group of ritual objects or in the more sexually oriented group, even though they are made out of siltstone or bones, highly polished and in a shape of a phallus. Duh?!) Evidence of the Greek adult toys comes from town of Miletus (in today’s Turkey) and from literature and stories, namely Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata”. They called this object olisbos and its main purpose was to cure “hysteria”, which is “condition” that tormented women (and men) all the way up to 20th century. Even Hippocrates described it as state with symptoms like headaches, irritability or depression and in those days hysteria was considered a “womb problem”.

61DdW0S2vJL._SL1500_  Cure for hysteria was sought after for many years and there were different ways in which people treated this, so called, condition that caused women to be hard to be around. This gave birth to various sex toys in ancient civilizations, and it is in a way producing them as we speak. However, when it comes to the days of yore, other notable examples definitely would be ben-wa balls that were used all over China even 1000 years ago. Chinese royalty especially had some kinky ideas and habits, and dildos they used were cast in gold or bronze.

KamaSutra34India and Persia also had their share of fun and “sexy time”, which we could conclude just by going through Kama Sutra, and their most preferable tool was dildo as well, even though they mostly used it for taking virginity out of potential brides-to-be at their wedding nights (because Indian husbands considered the blood coming from breaking the hymen to be unclean).

e893fa891ff54ba05b30cd795ff38209The invention of the fist vibrator is attributed to an American doctor, who constructed the first vibrating machine in 1869 and used it for treating women with hysteria. Some semi-historical rumor even mentions the legendary Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, to be first one to invent vibrating dildo by putting angry bees inside a hollow piece or wood. Risk was perhaps a turn-on in those days as it is today, but there is no evidence to substantiate the claims of such Egyptian sex enhancements, aside from phallus-shaped toys similar to those found all over the ancient world.

There are of course several other crucial steps in development of adult toys, but the most important thing is that they are here now and everybody can have as much fun as they want to.